What will you learn?

Our full-stack developer course aims to arm you with knowledge and skills to create dynamic web applications, using the right tools and methods. Devised to help you ace both sides of web development, this course will boost your portfolioOur certified full-stack developer course focuses on a wide range of topics, as indicated below:

JavaScript in Web Development

Working of NodeJS and ExpressJS

Developing with MongoDB

Structuring with HTML and CSS

UI Interfacing with React, Tailwind, and Ant Design

Data Structures & algorithms + OOPS

Version Control System (Git, Github, Bitbucket, etc.)


Course Features

In our full stack development course, you will explore a wide array of tools, technologies, and frameworks required for building contemporary web apps. Developing a holistic skill set will assist you in attaining success in the ever-dynamic field of web development. ASB’s full stack developer training module is equipped with the following attributes:

1-to-1 Mentorship

Individualized guidance from experienced experts and tutors

Customized Learning Experience

Instruction methods tailored to meet your unique training requirements

Career Progression Support

Assistance in navigating professional journey after course completion

Industry-adapted Curriculum

Course modules developed as per industry standards

Hands-On Project

Engage in practical training through our Capstone Project

Placement Prospects for High Achievers

Unique job opportunities offered to toppers

Who should take this course?

The Full Stack Developer Certification is ideal for graduates with a degree in:

Ideal for B.Tech graduates, providing a comprehensive path into full-stack development.

Tailor-made for BCA graduates, with their academic background and enhancing their capabilities.

Perfect for M.Tech graduates, leveraging advanced academic foundations for success in tech.

Gateway for MCA graduates to stay ahead in the dynamic tech industry, offering practical skills alongside academic achievements.

Career Opportunities

Every now and then, new technologies are surfacing so as to resolve issues and produce better goods and services. A LinkedIn report claims that since 2015, the need for full-stack developers has grown by 35% annually. After completing ASB’s full stack developer course, you can watch out for the following roles in IT sector:

Full Stack Developer

Develops the front-end and back-end components of web applications.

Integrations Developer

Merges different software systems for seamless functionality.

Software Engineer

Designs, develops, and maintains software applications.

Web Developer

Builds and maintains websites, with focus on functionality and user experience.

Application Developer

Develops software applications for specific operating systems or platforms.

Full Stack Architect

Designs and oversees the architecture of full stack apps, ensuring scalability and performance.

Quality Assurance Engineer

Tests software applications to ensure quality standards and functional requirements.

Back End Developer

Builds server-side logic and databases for web applications.

Web Designer

Works on the visual aesthetics and layout of websites.

Web Architect

Designs the overall structure and framework of web applications.

DevOps Engineer

Manages the deployment, automation, and maintenance of software apps.

Front End Developer

Develops and implements the user interface and user experience of web apps.

Technical Consultant

Provides expert guidance and advice on technical matters.

Data Scientist

Analyzes complex data sets to extract insights and help in decision-making.

Enrolment Requirements

ASB offers direct registration for its Certified Full Stack Developer Course.. No application is needed; you can simply enroll and begin your journey right away