What will you learn?

Our blockchain bootcamp is planned to give a complete overview of the essential elements, that form parts of blockchain and its working. In this, students will acquire essential insights into these key areas, providing them with the knowledge and abilities needed to efficiently traverse the complexities of blockchain innovation. ASB’s blockchain bootcamp covers the following topics:

Characteristics of Blockchain

Basics of Smart Contracts

Importance of Blockchain technology & its future scope

Concepts of Cryptography

Consensus Mechanisms

Blockchain Applications


Bootcamp Features

With an aim to lend you an overall knowledge of blockchain and help you gear up for the upcoming tech industry, our experts utilize the following methods of instruction:

1-on-1 Guidance

Personalized attention from mentors and professionals

Blockchain Use-Cases

Applications of Blockchain in different sectors

After attending our blockchain developer bootcamp, you can take up our full-fledged courses for more customised training and work on mock projects, ultimately exploring placement opportunities with us.

Industry-relevant Knowledge

Latest concepts and tools in current use as well as future technologies

Career Guidance

Informed counsel for your future professional trajectory

Further, you can take up our full-fledged for more customised training and work on mock blockchain projects, ultimately exploring placement opportunities with us.

Who should take this course?

Our Blockchain Bootcamp is ideal for:

Graduates with a degree in B.Tech., BCA, M.Tech., or MCA.

Mid-career back-end developers with JavaScript experience.

Professionals with experience in full-stack web development

Experts in data engineering, or network technology.

Career Opportunities

Since several industries are emulating blockchain technology into their operations, there is a constant rise in career opportunities in the sector. Once you grasp sufficient knowledge of this technology at our blockchain development bootcamp, you can explore the following career options:

Blockchain Developer

Builds and designs decentralized applications (dApps).

Financial Analyst

Gives insights for investment and risk strategies after examining the blockchain market.

Blockchain Security Analyst/ Architect

Evaluates and implements security measures for blockchain networks and related applications.

DevOps Engineer

Streamlines software development and deployment processes.

Blockchain QA Engineer

Checks and assures the quality of blockchain applications and protocols.

Blockchain Data Analyst

Extracts and interprets data from blockchain networks to derive actionable insights.

Blockchain Community Manager

Engages and grows communities around blockchain projects through communication channels.

Blockchain Legal Advisor

Provides legal guidance and ensures regulatory compliance of blockchain projects and transactions.

Blockchain Research Associate

Conducts research on emerging trends and technologies in the blockchain sector.

Blockchain Consultant

Offers strategic advice to organizations on integrating blockchain tech into their financial operations and business models.

Enrolment Requirements

You can directly register for ASB’s Blockchain Bootcamp. No application is needed; Simply enroll and begin your journey right away.