What will you learn?

The extensive curriculum of ASB’s blockchain professional certification gives you the right knowledge and expertise to traverse the ever-changing IT environment successfully. This course is an immersive exploration of the evolving world of blockchain technology and its impact on various industries. Our certified blockchain professional course covers the following topics:

Ethereum’s architecture and EVM

Building Decentralized Applications

Critical Aspects of Blockchain Security

Approaches for Blockchain Privacy

Foundational Concepts of Blockchain Technology

Smart Contract Development

Auditing Process for Blockchain Systems

Governance Models in Blockchain Space


Course Features

The goal of ASB’s blockchain professional course is to help you advance your skills, navigate smooth career transitions, and keep up with emerging technologies. Designed to ensure that you have the knowledge and abilities to apply blockchain solutions, we have combined theoretical knowledge with the relevant practical experience. The main offerings of our blockchain professional training and learning modules are:

Personalized Mentorship

Individual guidance from seasoned experts and mentors

Bespoke Learning Experience

Instruction methods as per your distinct training needs

Guidance for Career Advancement

Committed support to aid you in future endeavors

Industry-tailored Curriculum

Based on technologies shaping the current global landscape

Real-world Project Engagement

Work on a tangible blockchain project through a Capstone Project

Exclusive Job Placement Opportunities

Placement provision for outstanding performers

Who should take this course?

The Blockchain Professional Certification is most suitable for:

Graduates with a degree in B.Tech., BCA, M.Tech., or MCA.

Mid-career back-end developers with JavaScript experience.

Professionals with experience in full-stack web development

Experts in data engineering, or network technology.

Career Opportunities

Today, blockchain technology is a disruptive force behind the rapidly advancing digital landscape. Apart from transforming sectors, it is opening up newer and better job avenues. According to the experts, blockchain technology will increase global GDP by 1.76 trillion by 2030, which is nearly 1.4% of GDP worldwide. So, after the completion of certified blockchain professional course, you can seek opportunities in the following roles:

Blockchain Solutions Architect

Designs and implements blockchain-based solutions as per specific business needs

Blockchain Developer

Builds and maintains blockchain applications, protocols, and decentralized systems.

Blockchain Quality Engineer

Ensures the reliability, security, and performance of blockchain systems through testing and related measures.

Blockchain Project Manager

Supervises the planning, execution, and delivery of blockchain projects.

Blockchain Specialist

Provides guidance and offers insights on blockchain technology implementation.

Smart Contract Developer

Creates self-executing contracts on blockchain platforms, automating and enforcing agreement terms.

Enrolment Requirements

ASB extends a direct registration process for its Certified Blockchain Professional Course. No application is needed; you can simply enroll and begin your journey right away.