What will you learn?

Beginning with the fundamentals, the blockchain developer certification course guides learners through different aspects required to construct blockchain solutions in the most optimised way. In this course, you will study the following concepts:

Ethereum and its ecosystem

Basics of Building dApps

Concept of tokenization

Solutions to Scalability Challenges

Core Principles of Blockchain Technology

Working of Smart Contracts

Security in 
Blockchain Networks

Types of Consensus Mechanisms


Course Features

The course is equipped to accelerate your career and help you stay ahead of the curve. The key features of our learning format include:

1-to-1 Guidance

Individualized attention from experts and mentors

Customised Training

Charting out your unique learning journey

Career Assistance

Dedicated support for your further career path

Industry-specific Curriculum

Understanding technologies driving the world

Capstone Project

Working on a real blockchain-based project

Job Placement for Top Performers

Special access to professional opportunities

Who should take this course?

The Certificate in Blockchain Development is ideal for:

Graduates with a degree in B.Tech., BCA, M.Tech., or MCA.

Mid-career back-end developers with JavaScript experience.

Professionals with experience in full-stack web development, data engineering.
Experts in data engineering or network technology.

Career Opportunities

It is worth noting that there has been a rising demand for blockchain developers since 2021, with some sources estimating a talent shortage of around a million developers globally.

Blockchain Solutions Architect

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain Quality Engineer

Blockchain Project Manager

Blockchain Specialist

Smart Contract Developer

Enrolment Requirements

ASB offers a direct registration process for its Certified Blockchain Developer Course. No application is needed; you can simply enroll and begin your journey right away.