What will you learn?

The purpose of this course is to simplify for you the complexities of creating engaging and responsive user interfaces. It encompasses the following key concepts:

Fundamentals of JavaScript

Working with UI Frameworks

Related Web Security Solutions

Basics of HTML and CSS

Building Interfaces with ReactJS

VCS Hosting


Course Features

The course curriculum, curated by experienced industry experts, emphasises on making you a versatile frontend developer ready to tackle the challenges of the evolving digital landscape

Personalized Mentorship

Focused guidance from seasoned experts

Industry-driven Curriculum

Based on technologies shaping different sectors

Individualized Learning Experience

Training crafted as per your suitability

Real-world Blockchain Project

Hands-on work on a live project

Career Support

Dedicated assistance in your
professional journey

Exclusive Job Opportunities

Top performers gain priority access to placements

Who should take this course?

The Frontend Developer Certification is ideal for

Ideal for B.Tech graduates, providing a comprehensive path into full-stack development.

Tailor-made for BCA graduates, with their academic background and enhancing their capabilities.

Perfect for M.Tech graduates, leveraging advanced academic foundations for success in tech.

Gateway for MCA graduates to stay ahead in the dynamic tech industry, offering practical skills alongside academic achievements.

Career Opportunities

Ever since the inception of the Internet in the 1990s, the area of web development has shown increasing growth. However, the simple algorithmic techniques have progressed to more intricate ones, for user-friendly experiences.

Front-end JavaScript Developer

CSS/HTML Developer

Front-end Web Designer

UI/UX Developer

Mobile App Developer

SPA Developer

Web Accessibility Specialist

Performance Optimization Specialist

Frontend Architect

Front-end SEO Expert

Enrolment Requirements

ASB offers direct registration for its Certified Frontend Developer Course. No application is needed; you can simply enroll and begin your journey right away