What will you learn?

The intent of this course is to provide you with the expertise and skills required to devise strong server-side solutions. It imparts learning in the following major areas:

Programming Frameworks (NodeJS, Ruby, etc.)

Testing and its types

Back-end Languages (Java, Python, PHP, etc.)

Tools Used (Servers, Databases, APIs)

Software Design and Architecture


Course Features

With data management, security, and efficient functioning forming the foundation of every digital experience, our backend development course is prepared to make you industry-ready in the field of modern technology.
Certified Backend Developer Course | Get Trained by Experts
Certified Backend Developer Course | Get Trained by Experts

Exclusive Mentoring

Deep insights from accomplished professionals

Industry-driven Course Content

Influenced by latest industry

Personalised Learning Journey

Tailored to the individual training needs

Capstone Project

Practical work on a real use-case

Career Support

Consistent help for your further
professional progress

Employment Opportunities for Toppers

Placement offers extended to good perfomers

Who should take this course?

The Backend Developer Certification is perfect for:

Ideal for B.Tech graduates, providing a comprehensive path into full-stack development.

Tailor-made for BCA graduates, with their academic background and enhancing their capabilities.

Perfect for M.Tech graduates, leveraging advanced academic foundations for success in tech.

Gateway for MCA graduates to stay ahead in the dynamic tech industry, offering practical skills alongside academic achievements.

Career Opportunities

A 2021 survey showed that of the total programmers worldwide, around 43.73% are in various roles of backend development and the numbers are constantly growing. Here are some of the common job profiles in the backend development field:

Backend Developer

API Developer

Systems Engineer

Data Engineer

Database Administrator

Server Administrator

Systems Architect

Backend QA Engineer

Technical Support Engineer

Backend Services Specialist

Backend Security Engineer

Certified Backend Developer Course | Get Trained by Experts

Enrolment Requirements

ASB has a direct registration process for its Certified Backend Developer Course. No application is needed; you can simply enrol and begin your journey right away.