Want to join the bandwagon of superheroes who work behind the scenes in web development? Well, then you have arrived at the right place!

With the rapid rise in the usage of mobile applications and online services, there is an ever-increasing demand for back-end developers. In this light, the experts at the Antier School of Blocktech (ASB) curated a certified back-end development course, that would enable aspirants to step into the IT sector, with the requisite set of skills and knowledge.

Here’s a rundown of the key features of the ASB’s training program in back-end development, and the professional scope of the field.

Core Areas of Back-end Development

Back-end developers are responsible for creating and overseeing servers and databases, putting APIs into place, and safeguarding the stored data. In order to become a professional back-end expert, you need to work on gaining expertise in the following areas:

Programming: Back-end engineers are expected to have a good grasp of the relevant programming languages like Python, JavaScript, PHP, etc.

Frameworks: These are essentially templates, using which you can modify code and streamline the development process. Some of the popular back-end frameworks are Django, Node.js, Spring Boot, etc.

API Development: For the smooth integration of different software components, an understanding of RESTful APIs and the capacity to devise scalable APIs are essential.

Database Management: To create and optimize databases, you are required to be proficient in database management systems such as MySQL, MongoDB, etc.
Performance & Security: For quality user experiences, it is important that backend developers know the strategies and techniques for performance optimization and web security.

Version Control: Knowledge of tools such as Git enables backend developers to work well in teams and manage codebases.

Salient Attributes of ASB’s Back-end Developer Course

Our experts have put together an industry-focused course, to impart the right knowledge and skills to the back-end aspirants. Here is an overview of the main features of the complete backend development course, offered by ASB:

Personalized Guidance: Students receive individualized mentoring based on their unique learning objectives and needs. The course is tailored to fulfill the requirements of different batches.

All-inclusive Curriculum: ASB’s 3-month back-end developer course includes all the key concepts of programming, frameworks, databases, testing, etc.

Top-Notch Faculty: The course is taught by trainers and professionals, with significant expertise and experience in the back-end development arena. These experts also provide timely feedback to students during the course, alongside sharing their perspectives on current industrial and technology developments.

Practical Experience and Capstone Project: A good portion of ASB’s back-end course curriculum is composed of practical exercises. Near the completion of the course, students are also assigned a real project.

Career Assistance and Placement Opportunities: Further, our experts help the students navigate their back-end development journey after the course. The top students also get to explore internships and placement with Antier Solutions, the parent company of ASB. Antier is one of the industry pioneers in the blockchain space, with more than 700 engineers and specialists working on the finest projects.

Career Scope of Back-end Development

Today, the world heavily relies on web applications. As we depend more and more on technology, the need for back-end developers increases. These professionals are required in every industry.

Besides, the career progression path in back-end development is quite straightforward. Once you have specialized in this area, you can take up the role of back-end developer, architect, engineer, etc. Moreover, you can gain expertise in particular areas like cloud computing, API development, microservices architecture, etc.

Final Thoughts

Since the back-end development industry is always changing and evolving, it takes ongoing education and adaptation to stay updated. So, it is crucial that you keep yourself aware of the latest technologies and tools that are launched and adapted.
ASB’s certification, regarded as one of the best backend development courses, will assist you on your path to success.